Silky Sweet – Natural Face and Body Sugaring. A friendly and professional service at competitive prices

Discovered hundreds of years ago, Sugaring was used across North and East Africa, Greece and some of the Arab countries, including Egypt, as it was deemed to be more hygienic to remove all bodily hair in an age when soaps and deodorants did not yet exist.

If you have discovered my website then you too are no doubt looking for an effective, hygienic and convenient method of hair removal for the face and/or body, and Traditional Hand Sugaring is an ideal solution to what can be a sensitive, and sometimes embarrassing issue.

Traditional hand Sugaring is so effective because the hair is removed from the root. This means that hair takes longer to grow back and with repeat treatments the roots can weaken, which can lead to diminishment of the hair growth. In addition, Sugaring uses only natural ingredients and is therefore suitable for all skin types.

So if you would like to join the many people who have discovered the benefits of Sugaring, you are very welcome to call for appointments or further information.