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“I highly recommend Wendy for all nails she has a real talent, she’s the fastest lady I’ve ever been to and she doesn’t use those horrible machines that the shops do just an old fashioned nail file but my god is she thorough and speedy with it, she’s a perfectionist and my nails always look tip top!  She has a great bubbly personality that makes you feel at ease and like you can talk to her about anything whilst sat there having your nails beautified ☺️  Highly highly recommended and I wouldn’t use anyone else now I’ve found her!  Thank you for all the glittery sparkly beauty you add to my nails and my day Wendy ✨✨✨” – Oriana, Alderholt

“Wendy has been sugaring my legs and manicuring my nails (both fingers and toes) for several years. More recently she has threaded my eyebrows, a new experience for me!
She is extremely good, highly professional and I would not hesitate to recommend her.” – Jane, Fordingbridge

“Sugaring is so much better than waxing and Wendy is a real professional. She’s also great with pedicures and manicures and she has an extensive range of colours to choose from for nails. Would highly recommend.” – Helen, Rockbourne

“I’ve been having my legs sugared for years. I’ve been going to Silky Sweet for over two years now. Wendy is so professional and personable, always making Me feel so relaxed.  My legs feel Silky smooth.  And it’s painless.  Always a real treat.  Give Silky Sweet a try it’s a real pamper treatment!” – Eddie, Ringwood

“Thank you Wendy for doing my nails for a Masquerade Ball tomorrow they are truly beautiful and make me elegant . I hope you don’t, but I will be recommending you to all my friends” – Sarah, Fordingbridge

“I’m so glad I found Wendy for sugaring. Very professional and really friendly atmosphere at Silky Sweet. I would highly recommend.” – Sami-Jo, Fordingbridge

“Highly recommended. Sugaring was great, felt very relaxed and comfortable having it done.” – Josephine, Damerham

“I own a pony stud and with daily care of animals I was worried about having my nails done. Needn’t have…they’ve certainly been put through the test of rough measures and still look like they’ve just been done.” – Sharon, Rockbourne

“I can recommend Wendy’s sugaring. Pain free and really comfortable.” – Susie, Downton

“Wendy offers a caring, professional beauty service. Sugaring is so much gentler on my sensitive skin than waxing. Also, Wendy’s nail art is amazing! I would highly recommend.” – Ann, Winchester

“Wendy was very welcoming and put me at ease on my first visit. The treatment room was very comfy and well set up. The sugaring treatment itself was quick, and I was really pleased with the results. It wasn’t painful and lasted about 6 weeks! I would definitely recommend Wendy for a comfortable, effective and competitive treatment!” – Lauren, Ringwood

“I have been having Sugaring with Wendy since she began in business.  She is a lovely practitioner, helpful, professional and easy to discuss even the most personal aspects of the treatment; she aims to offer a great service. I have no hesitation in recommending Wendy and know you will be satisfied with the service.” – Sarah, Milford on Sea

I have tried a number of beauty salons who offer waxing and each time I have come away with either torn skin or bruising I was beginning to lose hope. But I have found sugaring offered by Wendy to be a lot more gentle for my skin and I have had no adverse reactions therefore I do not hesitate in recommending Wendy and sugaring.” – Teresa, Ringwood

“I was fed up with my sensitive skin reacting badly to waxing, so I tried the eco-friendly and far gentler method of sugaring – with Wendy.  So glad I did – I am delighted with the excellent results! I thoroughly recommend both the sugaring method  and Wendy, a proficient and professional practitioner who always makes me feel welcome and comfortable.” – Ann, Alderbury

“Brilliant, friendly and professional service.  I would recommend to everyone!” – Felicity, Fordingbridge

Warm, friendly service.  Would definitely recommend to friends.” – Kim, Fordingbridge

I have been having my legs sugared with Wendy for over a year now.  Not only is it more comfortable than waxing, the hairs seem to grow back weaker and there are fewer of them!  Seems like a win win situation to me!” – Alexa, Alderholt

It took me quite a while to pluck up the courage to visit Wendy for my first sugaring session but I’m so glad I did.  I am always pleased with the results and like the fact that it is a natural product.  I have been going for over a year now and have got to know Wendy.  She is very friendly and welcoming and I look forward to catching up with her each visit.” – Clare, Fordingbridge